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• we have been through 135 days:: puttering through life •

Posted on Thu 17 Jun 2010 2:44

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a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

I like the words from you mom a lot, the more we're growing up we should think before we speak out, it's matter if the words will hurt someone. Does she still talking about you? Sick,(in mind) in think.

Well, we are inThailand now and it's so hot when first we got here and I'm just woke up(went to bed about 8 pm on Thu. night and now about 1 am Fri. morning) and try to share the pictures to my friends (my friend's daughter has some project for me to do, and Ty likes to do it too, it's call Flat Stanley) we take a lot of pictures and try to download and email her(I should to mail it but since we have technology, ahahaha...it's fast and easy)

So, hope you and your kids are doing good and I think of you(your sickness, also talked to my best friend about kids go to school in Thailand and made me think of you that you said, kids in Thailand are super dupper fast and tense about studying, my friend's boy is 4 already learn about mutiplication,it's Wow! for me) but I know you a cool mom for your kids and you can handle well besides you have all of your supports from your family.

Hopefully I will get to see Nong Ning tomorrow, we're think about take the kids to Safari (or dream's world)t it has to be weekend but I already had a plan to go to the beach, we might just meet up somewhere.

Take care
Fri 18 Jun 2010 1:29 [9]

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Fri 18 Jun 2010 0:29 [8]

äԴҨзҹô ôչ ... ͧһǴǹФ plan Ẻ͹ѹ
Ό СѹШ Ҵͧ ԹôչФ

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Thu 17 Jun 2010 15:14 [7]


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Thu 17 Jun 2010 9:29 [6]

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ǹҡ ҡ
Thu 17 Jun 2010 8:15 [5]

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㨤зҡûǴͧͧԴբ ТѺա¤ ^^

ҹ͸Ժ . ͧᴴѧçͺ 繹蹤ҧ͹Ѻ¤ ФЪԹѺẺ˹觷״ ѧҧẺ ԴҤѺŧ Ź֡Ҩй͹ҧѹ᷹

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Thu 17 Jun 2010 7:49 [4]


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Thu 17 Jun 2010 7:36 [3]

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Thu 17 Jun 2010 6:45 [2]

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Thu 17 Jun 2010 3:40 [1]