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• we have been through 174 days :: Simply Sunday •

Posted on Mon 26 Jul 2010 9:10

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a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

Hello Monday ja Ji,

Just glad to get to read your diary again.
We were back last Thursday and I am still sleepy late afternoon but my son seems okay. So happy to read about your kids at the church and making me think that my son is also good behave as well, don't we must proud of them.

YOur girl has grown up so much and she is a cuttie , I love a little messy on her face.

Tue 27 Jul 2010 3:19 [6]

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Mon 26 Jul 2010 20:52 [5]

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ǡѹҹФ ͢Ժѧ״駹֡Ҿٴ觢 繪ǧҷоʹաѹ ٴ¤¤ شҹ价ҹǡѹ͡ҹ Өҡǵͧǹ ҡ¡Ңѹ仵ç边ѡҹ׹Ǿٴ ҳҹ Ǣӡѹ ^^

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Mon 26 Jul 2010 18:06 [4]

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ǹ觹ҵͧҤس·ԹҴʴ ><" è ԴԹҴ âŧҹҺӡ͹ 繵Ҵ价ѹ
Mon 26 Jul 2010 15:56 [3]

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˹Ҹѧ͹͹ ԧ˹١ҨҶ͹ѹ ҵ͹˹ԡ͹˹ع紵ǾѺ˹ѡ 1ŧ˴ͺẹ ԡ硹͹˧ѧͺ͹ᤧǤ

Թԡѹѧ¢鹪ҹ ˹١ͧ͡Ң鹪ҡǧ

˹ʧ硢Ǻ觹ҡԹẺѧ е͹˹٨Թҧšѹҵͧѧ䧴աѺ˹Ф
Mon 26 Jul 2010 12:34 [2]

ҹ˹ѧ͡Ѻҹԧ繢ͧѹ 繵ͧ ҴԹҹἧԵâҧҧѧʹͧͧ
ҹ Asiabook 繪 ˹ѧ͵ҧ дش硷駹 硡¹觴繹ҹͧҹ
㨷öóͺҹ˹ѧ 任꺾١Ш¡ѹ褹Ѹ 555
Mon 26 Jul 2010 11:38 [1]