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• we have been through 180 days :: It's pretty much the way I want it •

Posted on Sun 1 Aug 2010 4:33

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we have been through 180 days :: It's pretty much the way I want it
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a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

p'ji ... i'm thinking about doing the nose job la.

wanna do arrr
pretty in-law   
Mon 2 Aug 2010 1:05 [10]

ԼŧҤ ʺҧ? ˹ҵʴ ҡ

ըѧФ ҹ仴դ֡ö鹷ءҧǢͧԾԸѳҡ¤ Сդآѹҡ· Ф㨷ҧ դآ ҹҧ¾آ仴

Mon 2 Aug 2010 0:20 [9]

Sun 1 Aug 2010 14:42 [8]

Ԣ ѹͧ硹ͧҨԵ㨷ʹҴǧҡԹ ͺسйͧͧҡФ ͹㨡ѺҾͧ⵾Ǥ ѧ͹ҹ͹¡ѹաҧҡ ͺسԧ

Children Museum Boston ͹ҡ仴âҧ ʹءҴ˹ Թ͡Ҵ ѧ㨵͹ҵͧ仴 ҡ¤ ʶҹФ ʶҹ¤ ͡ҡҢͧ蹺ҧҧЪش仺ҧ 㨡Ѻѡҹ treatҡ¤ ͹Ҥ 仡ѹ˭()ͧ ·͹ѺҨ价ҷԴ ͧšѵաҧҡ Ǿٴ ͡͸Ժ Ф͡ҡ蹹Ф

»ѧ ෤Ф
Sun 1 Aug 2010 11:50 [7]


س سŧ¹й

ҹ令䴹ͧ ͧѧ
Sun 1 Aug 2010 11:07 [6]

............. ҹѧԹ

آ ҡ˹ǵ Фس¹Ф ^^
Sun 1 Aug 2010 10:12 [5]

ҾѺŵͺѺ˹ º令
Sun 1 Aug 2010 9:32 [4]

ٹͫ͹ѹ .... èԴ͡ѹСѹҴ!!!!

بҡ topic 䴨оش ˡ͹

ԪѺҡ͹ͧ . Ф

pretty in-law   
Sun 1 Aug 2010 9:28 [3]

Just came home about few hours ago then went to work around the yard and garden. I know my son it's happy to see lots of his friends.

Do you know what? I got the same color of the to just like yours , I had two tank tops on with white inside and blue outside (but your it more prettier, I like the wave at the front) and I got on skirt. You look like you lost some weight really!!!, as we talked and I know you have a lot to do with both of your kids but remember you are a COOL mom for your kids and you did very good with all entertain them.

thanks for calling today and it was glad to talk with you today.

p.s. all the pix look like they have had so much fun.
Sun 1 Aug 2010 8:12 [2]

ʶҹҡ дСѺ١ ͧҡ¤
ҡͧẺѧ 0__0
Sun 1 Aug 2010 6:23 [1]