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• we have been through 181 days :: First day of extension of time •

Posted on Mon 2 Aug 2010 2:19

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a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

I mean pull the cover from you.....( I have to stare at the pink color in the comment box, my eyes is getting worse along with my age...Arghhhh)

P.s it's so happy to see all the kids that I knew at the school today, it keeps me smile to think of them with all cute faces of the firstday of school.
Tue 3 Aug 2010 1:29 [7]

It's first day of school for my son today and it won't be long I have to go to get him. I gave him a hair cut yesterday and he loved it because it's very short even the weather it's kinda good today but I saw him(when I went to had lunch with him at school) after PE his head it coverd with sweat.

I know you miss the big hug from your hubby even more don't you l ike someone put the cover from you? hahahaa just teasing!!!
Tue 3 Aug 2010 1:25 [6]

¤о ¡ͪͺͺҹ Ӣ ѹʹءФо ͧªͺҹẺҡѡ ͷ ͵ͧҹ繵ҧ餹ͺҧ㨹Դ֧ ᨡ дҡ¤о

ʧ½¨¹ͧ Ẻ¹ç Фо ͹͹ . ռŻªѺѷ Դ ǡµͧԹʹ Է͡§
Mon 2 Aug 2010 12:25 [5]

got a cold too. Take care ka.
Mon 2 Aug 2010 11:21 [4]

ǹ仵Ѵͤ ҡ꡹ ͺ´¼ѧͧѧ ǡ礧ҧ -- ͧ觹ҧѴ᧫ѡԴ

͹Ф ͤس͹ͧ 6 ͹
͹Ǩԧ š͹ Фس͹ͧҺ ẺѺǹ¤Ťس

ҧ¹ ҵͧк¤оҷúҧ
鹶͡á ԵԹ蹹鹹 ا ҡ֡ҿ ͨԴѧҧᾧ ͧ´ͧ¡Ф ͡ըԧ

سͺǴ ŷ¹Ф
Mon 2 Aug 2010 9:48 [3]


ŧѴ¤Фس Ҥ˹ ʹдմ
Mon 2 Aug 2010 9:18 [2]


ͧѹҹѹ ֡˹ҡ ͧѡ Ѻ١աҧҡ ֡˹ ѧ ѹ齹 Ҥ ֡ѹʴѺ÷ӧҹѻ

ͺѧѺӾٴ֡͹ҧҹ 蹹觡ҹ ֡͹ѹͺ㹵ͼҺҹԤ äԵԴ˹¹ ẺԺդآ仡ѺФͺǴ¨ԧ ҹءѹ ҧѹҨ鹷 ҹҡͶͺҧúҧ

ԧҹ͹ѺöѺҹ ѧԴ֧ҹ Ҽҹҹ Ժ⵷ҧШԵҧҡ ҡ͹˹ҷԪеͧ价ӧҹҧҹҧͧ ѧ繾Ժѹ֡ҾⴹҷҧӾٴѺͧ͹͹ͧҢͧǾŴ֧ ҹҹ觴 ҡԤ Źѡҡ ѡͧ Źͧҧ Ҿ ҹԺѧͧ͡ դآ仴 ҧôԵ ѺǤѧ ?

͹Ѻ ô ҡҡ ֧ҡҷդӶҧ ·ͺ㨹鹵ͺ᷹

ѡآҾо ^^
Mon 2 Aug 2010 7:04 [1]