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Posted on Fri 10 Sep 2010 1:41

mostly just pleasant
I felt priveledged
it is that life continues on as usual
Friday and Saturday :: a lovely start to the day
Speaking of lot of things that happen to our family
my blabs
Family Front Line and adjustment
something new & reconnecting time
We truely made it
we have been through 215 days :: two young lions
we have been through 214 days :: pieces of dreams

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

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͹ ͧٵäٳʹ Ͷ١ѹ ٳ ԸաäԴẺҹ ͧͧѾе Ҵ١Ф ҹǡ ըѧ

ꡢӾ ͧҵѴ˭ҷҹ 555
ҨШԧҧس͹ͧ Ҥ ʧ¤Դ֧ͧس͹ͧ СѺҡͧ¹Ф

Fri 10 Sep 2010 12:59 [7]

ҹ١ ҹ˹١ǹ ҧ״ ״شʹ¤

ҹѹԸ͹Ţ ٵäٳͧͧٵäٳ úǹա¤?

Fri 10 Sep 2010 12:26 [6]

ҡȺҹ͡촤عçҡ Ǻҹ¡ͺ ˹ ǹ ͺ͡Ҵ ҡҡСѹѺ¡ա

١ çѹҡ ١áⴴѧҹ¶С͹ ټǾóآҾ ѹ͡¹Фշ駤آآ

ѹء 觺ҹ¹ǹ 觺ҹԤͧ ҡǹ ǹպ͡ǹеСͧ ͹դǺ ҡ ǹªҹµͧ´ ҡͧҹ ԹԹ ǡͧҹ¡Ẻҹ ١٨ӹҨҡ÷ӷ駹ҹ ͡ͺ ҧ¨᫹ԫ ͪҡԹº ҷ͡ Ǻ͡Ҫ Թࡹ Ǻ ҹ ç դآ آФ ^^

PS: Ό䴾 Ф Ƕ١д ջʺóç ⴹͧ ӵͺ ⴹ ҧç ١
Ѻ кͧྪŹ   
Fri 10 Sep 2010 11:03 [5]

^_^ Kate has the same problem....long legs..slim W. This is the reason why I like dress for her naka. Miss you jung. At the end I am agree with you ka... I am very care less now.
Fri 10 Sep 2010 9:35 [4]

all girls always love girly stuff, huh! love to read about your girl and she is so cute in pink.
Fri 10 Sep 2010 9:24 [3]

ҡǹǤ ѧᶺ鹤
Ԣ жflu shotͧչ¤ Թ 㨤 仩մ͹
Fri 10 Sep 2010 6:43 [2]

ҹѧѹ ǡ͹
ѧ princess chair !!! ͧ繹!!!!

Ԫѹ §ҹ ǧҾѡ͹
pretty inlaw   
Fri 10 Sep 2010 6:38 [1]