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• our indian summer •

Posted on Mon 8 Nov 2010 0:39

Our family trip :: st augustine
Our family trip :: Your first boat ride
Our family trip :: the second day :: Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville
Our family trip :: the day we met our grands
Our family trip :: day 1 :: traveling day
our indian summer
happy contentment have settled in
Ordinary day but big feeling
Happy as I could be
Enjoy the rest of our weekend
Look up for the occasional specific thing in fall season

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

ͺٻѧ ʹء ͺ蹨ѧ
Mon 8 Nov 2010 11:06 [4]

Happy for you and you kids to get to go to Disney world in FL. Surely, they will have a fun time over there. We might get to go next spring break when my mother comes to visit us.

In Hartwell, it is about +40 F this week and it will be up to +70 next week, it will be nice weather to get to pick pecans(I have tons of them this year) around my yard and clean up all the leaf.

I haven't stop by your diary as much as I used to because Ty had football games (it's over last week) also I have to work. Next, it will be basketball season so I have to drive around all the county for the games.

Just make me smile everytime when I get a chance to read your diary that I can feel the happiness suround you.
Mon 8 Nov 2010 8:32 [3]


Mon 8 Nov 2010 7:57 [2]

ҡҨԧ絡ѹ͹Ǻо 硽觵蹡ѹ һҳǺ??

ٻ繷 FB ҡ Ҹҡԧ (֧ͧ١˹ٹ )

ö tinkerbell ѹԴ˹ ͺҡ ١˹觤ͧһա +_+

ҡȺҹ¹Ҩԧ ...ǡ˹Ǩԧ ǡҨТŹ ^^


͡ ҹ繢ͧ͡ 硹Թ ¨лԴ...ͧú.͹غѺ 3 Ǻ ǹ nusery ͧ Ѱ ẺѴ١ ǹҡ硷ͧ价ӧҹԹФ ǹҡشҹ١Ǻ͹غš͹

ҹ繷ҧӸáԨͧ 繵ͧ͡ҹҡ١ͧҹ ҧ͹غŹФ (ú.͡͡ҧǹ ͧô)


鹷 Ẻ١˹٪ͺ folk dance ¹ Ẻҹ蹹....ͧẺӨѺ 4 Ǻ ͹ͧ¨Ѻŧá......˹ҡԧǡ¹ͺ...˹ٶ֧ͧٴ ٤áӤѭҡ...ͧ˹ͧ ͡¹¹Ф
Mon 8 Nov 2010 2:31 [1]