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• The joy of giving •

Posted on Sat 18 Dec 2010 0:13

Counting gifts
Take Our first date
Simply happiness
family time
it the most wonderful time of the year
The joy of giving
It is a good thing
Play date , Discipline
Just like you do
Thank you Sunday
This moment that I adored

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

Դ ѹ˭ԧ ˵ؼ ((ǧ)) 555 ˵ؼŢͧ˭ԧءҹ

ҵ͹˭ԧ Ժ͡Ҿѧ鹷Ẻ յ˭ԧҨص
µ͹˹Ǥ ҵҹ ѹ˹ǡѹѹ ҡȻҴ ѹ͹絡ŧҫЧ ǡǨԧѺҵûǹͧšѹ

Perfect mom êҧº¡ѹ 繵ʺ ͺǤ سиФֻǤо 555
Sat 18 Dec 2010 20:54 [4]

ʴդо ͡ʹ˹¹Ф Դ֧ѧ ǧҹءԴ֧ ӧҹ仡Դ֧˹Һѹ֡ͧ ʧդչФ ֧ͧԴ

..͹ٻ˭ԧԴ ͺ赡 ԹѺ㹾ĵԡͧ˭ԧբ 555 ͺ snow flake ѧ (ҡͧ١Ф)

´ըѧ ͺͧѭᨡ ¤Ф You are so cool! You know what the kids will like when receive and you made them happy.

ǵҾ١ ѹ֡˹ҹ ᷹ ..ǵ 2 Ҿش¤ ŧ ѹͧ puzzles ʴ ͺʧҢͧʧᴴͧзѵҾ зͺش 礧˹Ңͧ˭ԧ͹ è§ puzzles ҧ١ͧóẺ You are such a cute little Princess, Tara.

Have a good weekend na ka my dear sister. Let me HUGGGGGGGG you before leaving ka.
Sat 18 Dec 2010 19:22 [3]

ѧж˹ѧ ǵ
Sat 18 Dec 2010 15:51 [2]

ѡ䴹ѧ ҹءѹ ͤԴһѺѺ١Ƿءѹԧ ԧ ͺسҡ ҡ Ф ʺóѹ ͺسҡ㨨ԧ

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ͺسա駤 ^__^
Sat 18 Dec 2010 10:27 [1]