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• Full of gratitude •

Posted on Tue 28 Dec 2010 10:09

paying attention to family and friendships
The End of December
a part of life around here
Special entry ~ Own friends heart part 2
on the flip side
Full of gratitude
so much joy and gladness
Very Merry and Bright Christmas eve in our own way
Keeping the cold warm ,Christmas comes Softly
Do I say every day, almost there???
Counting gifts

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

ʴջ ͡ 繤ӵͺͧ dilemma ͧ˭ԧǹФ ͺس㹤ӵͺ͹ѧ¤ Ѵਹ very objective س ͧջѭҴҹԹ ´˹ҷçҹҡ ͧ Թ͹ҳͺʹ ͹ѡաѺ¤١¹ҹҪҵ᷺¤ ѧͧԹ仨¤ҤѺö˹ҷçҹöѺͧ Ѻ֡ءѹ աҧ س(س¢ͧ١) ҡէҹ繢ͧͧ ͧҧ ͹ѧ 50:50 opportunity cost ͹ҧ٧ Ӥѭ ѡɳЧҹöѺҷӷҹ consult Ẻس¤ (ҷӧҹͧҧȤ)

ͺس سҡ put things in perspective ºͧ͡ǹҡҧФ ҹͺءѹ ͹͹͹ ͺسԴź household ҡ ѡ Smoothie ¤ ͡Ҷ֧չͧͧ Smoothie ѧѡҤ 褹 ͧҹ ֡ʧ Golden Retriever ҹ ١Դ ҹµлͧ

ҵ駹ҹ ¾ѹسФͺآҾçФ With kindest regards ka,
Tue 28 Dec 2010 23:55 [5]

աͺФо 駤 ҹͧҹء˹ҷԴ͡աͺѺôԵѡΌ Ҫ

Tue 28 Dec 2010 16:27 [4]

ѡ ˹ٵ硹ѡء ͺӡ

ѧ͹ ҡ ǤسԴҶ١Ό繤ըзѧ 555555 ҹǵ 7 չ
Tue 28 Dec 2010 13:01 [3]

ͧѹ 2 ͹о ҹ͵͹ǡ͡Ѻͧ "͡仵ç ҪԴաͺ ç֡ Ъ͵͹ѹҧѡ ǹԴҧ͡١ ҡ ͧúǹФо"

ٻ͹ԴͧѹѺá ͺٻǹ¡ѧ˹Ңӷ 2 ٻ¤ ջͧҡԴ ҷШ˭ԧ ǵ ٻ¡ѧӤҴ§˹Һҹ ǹ¢ ͹ա ավǤ (ٷ) Ҵҧ ͺҧ͡١ ҡ͡繨ѺԵ¢Ҵ

ǵա 1 ҾФ..Ҿѧҹ..ҡԹ Ẻҷѧҹͧͧҧѧ (͹ͧѹФо)

͹Шҡ˹Һѹ֡ ͧͺ͡ѡ Т¾ҪԡͧͺǢͧǷѡ..Ҩ繷ҧ¢ͧ нᴴ..ء ʹżԵѹ仴¤ѡФسҾ آ آҾç㹷ء ѹѧҹҹФ

Let me Hugggggggggg you ja my dear sister.
Tue 28 Dec 2010 10:04 [2]

Happy Holiday to your & your family, both in the States & in Thailand na ka, P'Ji.

Thank you so much for sharing your story to us. Nowadays, I have to read your diary first thing in the morning in order to find a tips to deal with our little monsters here ka. My husband & I learnt a lot from reading your diary during the past 1.5 years and we really appreciate that ka. You guys are such a great parents and we promised to ourselves that we'll try our best to be a great parents who truly understand the children like the both of you ka.

Tue 28 Dec 2010 9:42 [1]