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• paying attention to family and friendships •

Posted on Mon 3 Jan 2011 2:14

together is fascinating
Days fly by
A day that was so rich
would you rather make your own decision??
Growing as a parent
paying attention to family and friendships
The End of December
a part of life around here
Special entry ~ Own friends heart part 2
on the flip side
Full of gratitude

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

ҹ 繤ҹѧդآҴ Ԥդآҡ¤
Tue 4 Jan 2011 11:27 [19]

ʴջ ͺҹҹҹ˭ԧǹԴ ѡͧ硷ѹ ǡѡͧ繾ѡ ˹ٷ駤鹷ͧ ǹ˭ҹҧж١ ͺҾ͹ͧ ҤʴẺ˹٨ѹ֧͡͹١ͧ ѹҹٺ͹͡Ҩ Ҥշҧҹ䴾ա ˹١㨹ФҺҧͧҡͧǹ 㹤ͺǨԧ þõѴԹ㨢ͧ ˹٨ҷءѹФ ѹ˹Դ˹͡ ѧҨԴءѹФ ¤١ѹҡѡҹ˹觤
Tue 4 Jan 2011 11:02 [18]

èҡسѹդҨѧо ҹǤԴ֧ ӵҫ¤ ͹حҵӾâͧس任ѺêԵ¤Ф ੾ѹ "ʵԡԴԧ"

.. 繾 FB ͧ () ¶֧ҧ ҾԤͧ ˹ٹҡѺҹԡա (͹õҸԵ :-))
Tue 4 Jan 2011 9:46 [17]


ͤ¹Ф (^/\^) pls pls pls

ѡʴ͡ҧӾٴ ͸Ժ ֧áзҾ ˹¤Դ֧ҹ 㹢ǡѹҧ駡Դ֧ҹѺ 555+

觷駾Ԩ¹ѧɴ Ѻ˹͡Ӥѭշ͡㹡ý֡ѧѺ¹֧ ^^
ҹ觷ѡդآաҹ LA time ˹

繡úǹԹ ˹͡ʵԴͺǢͧ仹Ф
(ԧ ˹ٵҨҹ䴾訹˹١ҡѹ· 555+ 褧ա» ^^)

ѹe-mail ͧ˹٤ sernjern@hotmail.com

ͺس ^__________^
Tue 4 Jan 2011 4:51 [16]

First of all, please apologize my poor English na ka. I don’t actually comment on any blog because looking for each of Thai letters in English keyboard is such a pain. But I have to write you after reading your diary today.
I have been reading your blog for about a year already, after following your link from P’Jib (jjbrothers) diary na ka. I’m so glad that you are kind enough to leave your diary open to public, so I get a chance to see how you and your family are doing. And most important of all, I want to learn how you raise your children. I really admire how you devote yourself for your kids, and the result of your devotion is very impressive. I wish I can be like that one day.
Especially now that I’m 12 weeks pregnant, I started to take note on your daughter activities, so that I can prepare my kid for when the time is right. Since my husband and I live in US and the rest of our family are back in Thailand, and most (I should say all but one) of our friends don’t have any children yet, I am very much going through this blind. Your diary really helps me see what other parents do around here.
I understand that you are very busy, but I hope that you wouldn’t mind me posting questions from time to time na ka. Thank you ka,
Mon 3 Jan 2011 23:19 [15]

ͤͤ? ˹ٵҹ繻 ջҡ§ѹ ҹ 价ء

ͺԸ§١ͧҡ¤ ͧԵԷ硷Ẻҧҡ¨ԧ

ѧ䧶ѧ¨ ˹٢ͺҹҧФ

email ͹ǡѹ ;Сس nam.nanalady@yahoo.com

ͺس ^^
Mon 3 Jan 2011 22:33 [14]

ʴդ..ѧ䧴 ͧҾ͹ͺԴҹҾǹФ 駤¤ 駹餧繤á ѺͧҨش¤^^

ҫ ͹蹢йӵǡ͹Ф ;¤ ԡ͹ѹ ѰԴҤ ҹ䴹ҡҹjjbrothers͹ ᷺ء͹ŧҷͧjjbrothersеͧ繤ͧsmoothiegirl ¤ҹá Դ㹤ѡͧͧͧ͹ ҹ ͹Ѻҹ͡ҡеԴ㨤ѡͧͧͧ ѧԴԴҧ ͹١ ͧšͧسա¤

Ǿͧ24ҧ25 觧ҹ СѧҧἹչͧ͹ѹ ͹蹾¢͢ͺس¹Ẻ 餹ҹ駤 آ仾ѹ ͹ѺҤԴҧ㹪Եѡͧ ѹѺ㨤ҧسͤسҡ Ҥѡͧ褹֧˭§˹ Ҩ§硹¤֧Ժⵢҧѹ˹˹
س(Ҩ¡᷹Ңͧѧ䧴դ)ҡ§١Ẻس Ҿչͧ繷еͧҢѺҧФ ҧѧͺͧԵա ͺسҡ㨨ԧФ


..ҡ繡úǹԹ ˹˹ǹǨԹ úǹԴҹҧФ ҹ駡駴դ ѧҡ繡ԭԺⵢͧͧͧ
Mon 3 Jan 2011 13:38 [13]

˹٪ ˹(ͺ)ҹͧѡѡǤ 駤鹷 ѹ繪ǧ ҡҷ駤鹷 ʴջ չաշբͧФͺǹФ آҾç¤ :)
˹ҹͧ繡ԨԨͧ֡ҡ ͧ¹ѧʧ ֡͡ҹٹ硫Żͧ ý֡ѹ͡ҡѧࡵؾĵԡͧ ͧҡԨͧӷءѹ (ͧͧػҳ 2.4-3.5) ѹ֧Ѻ͹ա˹觤ԴԨͧ Ժҧ¤ áѧԴҹ ¢ͧͧùҹ ͹ѧͧҤѺѹ ءԨԴеͧ½֡Ѳҡâͧͧ ͹鹤Դѹءѹ ͧ˹ѧҹ ҢŨҡԹ ѹش ҡ÷ҽ֡ҹ繻ªѺͧҡش ^^
繡Ԩͧ· (˹份֡ҹҡԨͧѹͺ´ )
ͺسͧǹѡ Ҵ ¹Ф ˹ҹ仡Ѻѡ ԧ ء ¢ͧͧ ФѡͧͺǾ¤ ͺس :)
ҡ ÷˹ٵͧ͹¹Ф
ʴջաͺ :D

Mon 3 Jan 2011 13:19 [12]

ҹͧҡ ǡͺ ͺԴҤͺҹҧҤ͡ҹ˹ҹ ä þõѴԹ㨢ͧ


Mon 3 Jan 2011 12:40 [11]

ҾԨ ͧҷԴҵ¹ѧɤ
Ҩҷѡ Դ͹Ф 觡ѺҨҡǡѺҹ ѹ happy new year ФͺǤ ء椹֤آҡ ç Ҥ

ѹҹ仡ԴҶҾ lock 令˧ҹҴ٤ ԴԺ仴¡ѹ 3 չԴ ͺ͹ѹ Ѻ·ӧҹͺ 2 ǹ :)

ͧѧ ѺҺҧ駵Ũäͺ͹ѹ 繻仵¹Ф 繻դҶҹ鹤 ¤ 繤ͺѡѧɤ ͺпѧ ҡоٴ͹ native speaker ͤ·ٴ 繵ͧ§Ẻ native ٴͧ :) ͺ¹ phrase ѹ

ͧͧٴ¡ѹ ҧդ йµ繤ʤ ١ ١١ͧͧ оٴ¹¤ ͹Ңͧšоٴ¡Ѻ͹¤ ¡Ҿٴ·Ѻ͹ͨԧѧоٴ Ѻҡоٴѧ ẺѴԴ˹ ҵѧѺ¹ä ¤¹ç¹ʷ ¨͹ basic ҧԴ˹
ҹͧҤ¡Ѻҵ Ф»ѧ ˭Ѻʹءʹҹҡѹҡ

ͺҡ ҹͧ¡Ѻҵͧ Ҥºҧ¤ Ҩѧѡ

.ҾԨ lock ҡ password ¤¤ :)
Mon 3 Jan 2011 11:05 [10]

Hellooooooooooooooo ja Ji

Happy New Year 2011, I am thinking about you and meant to call but(always) I'm so busy with new job (I'm working almost 12 hrs/day) and off on weekend. Man! it's hard work for the restaurant business, I just found out but anyway I enjoy to work there 'cause I get to meet all kinds of people( you can't judge ppl for outside though, one thing that I proof myself some are dressed up good, nice looking but super bad manner so opposite from the other that look normal but so nice) and fun to count the tips :P

Anyway, I hope you have a nice x'mas also new year and I know you are always a good wife for you hubby and cool mother for your kids and I don't know what to wishes for your new year but healthy and happy as always.

p.s. I miss to read your diary and chitchat(via comment and phone) with you a lot.

p.p.s. I saw your son smile and remind me when Ty at this stage also tonight he lost his upper incisor near his canine(tonight, he expected to meet tooth fairy...ahaha)
Mon 3 Jan 2011 10:38 [9]

Ңŧ§䴢ͧ(͹حҵ¡Ф) 繻ªҧҹԴҧҡ

駷ȹͧ§١ ÷ӧҹ ä͹ ѧ¹仹Ф ǹԴ͡繡õѴԹ㨢ͧҢͧ


.ͺҹҹҹ ʴ¹˹ҹҹʹҹ зʴѹҹ¤Ƕִ֧ѴͧǡѺ ҡŧΌѺͧ ͤԴ觴ҡء駤

2. ѹ١ 1 Դ 2004 繻»͹Ҥ ;Ԫ ѹʵѹ ෡ʤ
Mon 3 Jan 2011 10:29 [8]

˹٢͡ like ˹ҹѡ 100 駹о ҹǫҡ

ͺῪ蹸ҡ ѡվ ẺҤԴ

š˹ҵѹҡ ѧäй
Mon 3 Jan 2011 8:40 [7]

͹ҹ˹ҹ ӵҤ T^T ҹҧʵ 㹤͹ ¾âͧس¹ͧ ֡ѡ ֡ͺ ҹѡ ͹ ֡ѧ ͤԡ smoothiegirl ء駷 ͹ʡѺͺ蹷ʹԧ

ͧ촶֧ ҨоҴҹ˹Ӥѭ 仺ҧ ѺõѴԹ㨢ͧԤ ҹҧաҹ¤ ^^

Mon 3 Jan 2011 7:59 [6]

ըѧзԨ¹ѧɴ ФӾٴ͹ͧ ҡѺ١(ѧ) ͤ´¹Ф pleaseeeeee ^^
oh 3 kids   
Mon 3 Jan 2011 7:48 [5]

ӹǤ úǹͧФ ͹ͧФ ⴹաͺ ¡繫ͧ͢ᾧ仫Ч 㨨Ыͧ͢ŴҤ

Һ͡ǨШ ¢ͩ繹Ө 令觫Ǥ ͧ

ͧǷҹҹҨԵѧФ ҧ͹ ·Ƿ 䴾Ԥҹ (еԴѹѺͻ෹Ш) աҧҹª㹪ԵШѹҧӡ Ҫٻѡͧ١ԡ ǹ 褹駤 ҾԤ лҡҺǡһҡ

ǹͧèҨ¹ǧԧ Ѻöѹաࡳ ѺẺá´Ź Դâ鹡öغ ǡºԴҡ ҡǷشѴ¤ (Ѻöѧ ǡ硫) ѹҡҡ ¹駡Ѻ١Ό͹ Ѻöǹ ҢѺҡ ӹʹ١¤ ҡ Όҡ ȡǧҧآԷѺФ ҢѺ 140 / ӡҡٴ 駢Ѻǡ ͡Ҫ պ öʹ ҡСǴӤӢѹ ͧͧ͡ѹա

͹ ʴջ
Gymboree Ф   
Mon 3 Jan 2011 7:34 [4]

͹ᴴԧ ѧࡵҡٻ ੾е

Ԥ ͧ˹١ԡ BTS ҡ˹¡硫 ѺöԹ ѧ䧡 ҹغѵ˵ǡҵ㨹Фо..

ͧҹ ҹ͹硹 ^^" ǹ˭ԧ ˹ͺ ѹ鹹Ф ´¡ѹ ᷹㨡ѹ

èҡس Ѻ´¤ ^^

. ҡҧҹ Тͫ͵ͷչФ ˹շդ!! 555
Jan Thewindy   
Mon 3 Jan 2011 5:53 [3]

I love to read about you talking to your mom. She is a lovely mom, I really like her naka. :)
Mon 3 Jan 2011 3:56 [2]

¡ҾԹФ Ҩ鹵 鹷 鹷Թ 3
Ԩͤ䴨ԧͤ ҧ鹫´¤ 䴾 ҹԹ ʹáԵ㹷ء¤
ҹ䴾͹¡дѺԵ¤ Ф §ҹ䴾Ƿ㨫͹ ÷ҤԴ ø äԴ硤Դ ѹ令
ѹҨҡ ҹ䴾 ͤԴҡ ԴẺ˭ ʵҡ ֧ѧ觧ҹ١ Եͧ͹ҡФ
ҾԨͤ䴨ԧ ͤҹ Ҿͤ¹Ф ѧҡԴͺǾ仾ѺԴ

ͺسѹ ҷͺԴ䴾ԵʹҨԧ ʴջФ դآҡ
Mon 3 Jan 2011 2:52 [1]