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• above all else •

Posted on Thu 10 Feb 2011 4:14

Entire day of shine
I just can't ask for anything more
How to Choose a Preschool for you
I am glad you are with me
medical check up for your 7 years old, Valentine's party at your school
above all else
Life busy as Monday life
beautifully weekend
A day in life
Being parents
Money talk , Frigid cold Tuesday

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

Ԣ ͺسѺӵͺФ͸Ժ·ͧ֡ͺس ֡õҡ Ѻ觷Ժҵʹ.. ǾͧҹѴѹ Ҩж·ʹҧôաѺ֡ ҹѺФͺ..֧мҹš͹Ź (Ѻѹ͡ѹͧ¹Ф ѡѹẺѺͧ )

顴ѹԹФͧ͡ҧѹ ç㨨ѧ¨о ź request ͹ͧͧ¨ 駹ͧҾç ͹¹鹷仹 ҡ¹仵֡ ͹鹨ԧ ͻҤͧ ѧ·ʹҾͺǷҹҧ ᾤ͡ҧѹҧ ˹ѺõͺѺҧ˹ҽҤ觨ҡҪԡͧͺ ʹ֡Թҡҡ仴Ш ѹ֧ ͧѺ˹ҷ յ鹷عԴҧШо 㨨Ѻ¹Ф СѺҹ˹ͧ Ҿ觡ҴҺ šա

Thu 10 Feb 2011 17:25 [9]

Ό䴾ҹҹ (ʴ ... )ҡ㹡§١ ١ 2 ͹ѹ м˭ԧ͹ѹ ͧͧ 5.10 ǺѺ 4.6 Ǻ ͺ֡Ҿ繤ҡ բͤԴ㹡§١ҡ ǹһѺѺ١ҧ شͧ١عç ·ӵԸշѹ֡ ֡㨹Ф ͧʹٵաѡФ
ҾԨͤ 礧ʴ͡ ԴҾ褧ͤҹ¤ Һѹ֡ͧջªҡԧ С礧Դ֧ͧҡ мԴ¤ ˹ŧѡͧҡ¤ ੾ ҾɷѺͧ ѹѡҡ¤ (зҹ ͧ ͧҴ о͹ҡͧҧ оͧ㨤ѹ...ͧҡ¤ )

繤ٴ觤 ҡТͺسҡФ ͧ͹˹ҡ ˹෤Ԥ㹡§١Ҩҡҡ ͺسҡФ
Thu 10 Feb 2011 10:30 [8]

Ԣ ҹǤ (ԧҵ͹) School Counselor ͧç¹Ѹ ç¹Դ ͹ѧԴѺѡ¹ ШԴ¹㹻ա֡ҷж֧ ç¹ English Program ͹ªǵҧҵ ѡٵâͧзǧѧɤ ǧѧӧҹèԧѧ §Ҫ觷 շк͹ҤԴç¹ͧջʺóҺҧ
Thu 10 Feb 2011 10:04 [7]

ʴҾ ҡ ԧ 䴾ٻ ^^'

ѡآҾ¹Фо... Ѻ ҡէҹշ ͹ () .... ͧѵ˹ 1 㺹Ф ^_______^
Thu 10 Feb 2011 8:25 [6]

͹硹Ẻ ѧӹТء» ???

... ਷ͧաй ͤ׹չᵡ 駹Դ Դԧ ⴹطش
pretty inlaw   
Thu 10 Feb 2011 6:19 [5]

.ҡ ءҧ¹ Ҥ˹ѹըԧ ˹پ١ͧ蹹Ңͧԡҷ١仹աҡ Թ !!
Thu 10 Feb 2011 5:07 [4]

just in case, my email asomphamit@hotmail.com
Thu 10 Feb 2011 4:37 [3]

Don't forget me!!!!! I just have time to read your diary. Lately, my a sweet tooth become a real addiction and I ate a bunch of sweet but Donuts...ahahah. I cooked and baked a lot lately and my mother complained about weight gain but we also exercises lots by walking and I took her to my zumba's class.
Hope you guys doing good, we will have snow tomorrow and hope it won't damage my roof like last month because we had about 10 inches in Hartwell, Boy! it's too much this year for snow in GA.
Thu 10 Feb 2011 4:36 [2]

confirm 餹͹

ѡͺǹԧ ѡҡ
Thu 10 Feb 2011 4:33 [1]