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Posted on Tue 15 Feb 2011 7:00

Happy at home
We should all be so lucky to have you in our day
sorts of day are good in between day
A shiny , a windy and a reason moment
Ture love
All emergency
Entire day of shine
I just can't ask for anything more
How to Choose a Preschool for you
I am glad you are with me
medical check up for your 7 years old, Valentine's party at your school

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

It seemed like you had a busy Monday.
All the questions that your girl is asking, I really like it and so cute in this age they like to know some little things but not little for their mind, I just love it and I like to see the pictures of all the girls are dancing in class, so cute.

Ty has wording parade at school today, it is kind of big word they are not get use to and he chose ....Spelunker.....Oh no, I forgot(how could I?) to take the picture this morning. Man! I just thought about it. He dressed up real cute with my overall(huge but we try to make it fits him) and dirty face with helmet also all the tools that he will need in the cave(pretending) Well, I hope I can find his pic through the website of his school.
p.s. Ty is not much about chocolate milk, he always like white milk and in his school even have 2% milk for white milk and also have strawberry and chocolate.
Tue 15 Feb 2011 23:03 [8]

آѹѹ觤ѡ ^_^
Tue 15 Feb 2011 11:42 [7]

ٻͧѹʹ˭¤ ѡҡ ҡʹ ^^ ١÷ͺͧҡ ҢʹٻШ ǡԺѹ֡úҧ Һ͡ҡչͧ͹ͧ Ẻ¹ -"- Һ͡ҹͧ (ͧ觵) 繵Ǣͧͧ͹ :) ͺô͹ѹա ^^

ʹ㹴ǧ㨢ͧ١ѧҡ 5 Ǻҹѧ Fancy Nancy ¹ŧ :) ҡҹͧҪͺ Fancy Nancy ? ÷µͺþ¤ ԴҹͧҨѧѡ Fancy Nancy е͹ͧѧԹԿѺҺô˭ԧ :)

ͧ ÷¡Ѻ͹¹͹Ź ͺͤҧ 觶繤س¡ѹ ÷ͺйǡҹ ÷䴾ҹ ֡Ҿ͡ ẺͧѧҤԴҾԵͧè ǺôҤйӵҧҪй 駻ǧ ԡ֡ҷͧҡ͹ ʹѧ䧾ԡ͸Ժ͡ǧԪ :) ÷ҾǡԴչԴѹѧ ͧҧҾù˭ ԴẺ 觤褹¡ѹ ÷һҷҡ

͹仢§ҹ͹ ػѺõͺѺԹҴ :) ͹áԴҨʹ Ҽ ӷչФ ͡˹ҵत ʪҵԹͧٴ֧ ١Ҥ˹Ң١ (蹡з) ¤ :)

Tue 15 Feb 2011 10:26 [6]

ͧѧᴧԴ Ǥ... Ф

§ҹŤ ػ仵ǨФس 5 ѻ....... ҡ ¤о
Tue 15 Feb 2011 10:11 [5]


ҡ鹷"ͺҡ"​ç.....ѡ˹ Ѵਹ..."ͺ".....֡͹⡹˹餹...ͺ...ѧ Ѵਹ ç仵çҴҡ

Դ֧Ф ǧҹзѡФ

Tue 15 Feb 2011 9:58 [4]

ҡҪѹ "all eergency"
Ф дǹ

ʧ¨ Թ Ѵ 555+

ҹդ֡˹´ Ӵ
Ѻ ѹաѹ
سդآ ͧwillդآ
ͧtaraդآ :))

آѹѹ ѡ 仴¤آФ
Tue 15 Feb 2011 9:40 [3]

Ź䷹ä֡ѡ͹ҧ º ѹٻ硪¨ Դ֧
Tue 15 Feb 2011 9:02 [2]

happy valentine's day ФͺǷʹѡͧԤ ^^

Tue 15 Feb 2011 8:03 [1]