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• Dealing with your scary imagination , rabbit in my belly •

Posted on Fri 1 Apr 2011 0:36

still party , Book fair @ school
Officially 3 years old
The "Things" of happiness
dancing and spinning into the sun
something interesting
Dealing with your scary imagination , rabbit in my belly
All these regular days
snow and mountain
pausing for a moment to enjoy our family vacation
School report K1 , Pre-school report
We get ourselves to the Adventure ,the love and the share

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

I live in the house where my loved ones had died(both of my in laws and my husband)
and I have not seen and experienced with paranormal activity in both houses but when my son was about 10 mos. old and he did show some of his vision (visible things from the other side that we can't see) when his grandfather had passed away and he acted like he talked and waved to his grandfather as the time of our meal at my in laws house.

I don't know why he did that ( don't want to say I don't believe) but it gave me chills. I did the research to find out about it some of the website have case study about kids can see and hear what we can't. I'm still don't know for sure.

Well, I also believe spirits are our deceased loved ones sometime they just come to visiting us and I do believe in guardian angels and I always tell my son about that they will not harm us and can't be afraid of.

I hope the airline find the flight for you to get to go back to Thailand naka.
Sat 2 Apr 2011 0:28 [6]

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 18:18 [5]

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 14:15 [4]

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 13:08 [3]

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 13:05 [2]

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pretty inlaw   
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