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• we all are well and right and fine •

Posted on Tue 19 Apr 2011 2:33

Cloud nine Sunday
Regular Friday and Easter egg hunts Saturday
Love lives here
maintain to collective memories
captivating in the drizzle and the sunshine
we all are well and right and fine
Playdate , Friday extended stay , Playground
A school field trip :: Zoo , and a very cold day
I get it. I totally, totally get it
Just being
Our weekend

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

thank you sooooooooo much from my heart ka

Wed 20 Apr 2011 8:29 [7]

miss you ka P' Ji~! Haven't seen you much on Facebook. hope all is well na ka.

I hope you don't mind, I'm planning to donate the clothes that you gave to Kayla that it doesn't fit her anymore to a women shelter that Marc's friend volunteer at ka. Tara's clothes are in great conditions, I'm sure they will be able to get many good use from it na ka.

When are you leaving for Thailand ka? It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm sure your family in Thailand are counting days and hours now!

Take care kaaa ^_____^
Kayla's mommy ^___^   
Wed 20 Apr 2011 1:39 [6]

Phonics 2 ӹФо.. M W ǹվѲҡâ㹡¡͡ҡѹ

M -- Mommy
W -- Will

These two words just came up in my mind while I was reading ja. Please let me share this with you na ka.

PS: I can imagine how much the kids enjoy with the beloved lively personal chair. And I do like when Tara said to Will that "OK, now your turn". ͧᴴ͡ ҵͧʹ­͹鹹ͻչ͹礧Фо ҡʹ­ Ѻ͹ ǹ֧֡ͧ蹷þԹ㹡ا෾ ͡ Թҡ黡ͧʹ¨
Tue 19 Apr 2011 13:08 [5]

Feel the love and warmth of your family while reading your diary as always. :) Miss U and miss america.
Tue 19 Apr 2011 12:35 [4]

ͺسҡФ Ѻй
͡Ẻ 仨жҧç㨹Ф

ҹ¤ ͧͧ µͧ ѧ ͺͧ͹١ǿѧ ͧ ͺҡ ǡͪͺ (͹Ҩ仹 ͧѺ step ͧ͹)

Ԥ ͺ᷹ᴴ ֧¹ӵҡѹ· ӵç֧Ҿ ᴴ繢ͧ蹷ѡ

ҡҾ "Ш맡Ш" ˹ҡШ͹˭ԧѺͧ T ᴴäվ ͧѡ ͹˭ԧ


¢ٵ÷ӹйǴ¤ ҡͧҹҹ ͺҡ ФԴҨзӷҹءѹ ᷹ôῴ


^^ Ѿഷ fb
Tue 19 Apr 2011 10:20 [3]

Thanks for letting me (and the other readers) know that you and your family are fine ka.
Tue 19 Apr 2011 9:06 [2]

͹ѡշǹºѹͧ ͧªͺҡ
ѧ֧֡¤ ǹԨբͧ¹

ͷ㨨ԧ Ф ѡẺըԺ͡ԧ
Tue 19 Apr 2011 8:24 [1]