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• Happily and joyfully •

Posted on Wed 27 Apr 2011 9:08

As it happens
Sunday , Funday
A homemade love and happiness
wednesday and Thursday
beautiful and good experience for us
Happily and joyfully
Cloud nine Sunday
Regular Friday and Easter egg hunts Saturday
Love lives here
maintain to collective memories
captivating in the drizzle and the sunshine

a motherhood
P Noi
N Pear

ͧҧ㨾ٴѧ ѡѧ^o^


Thu 28 Apr 2011 5:27 [7]

"سº͡ ͧ ѭӹ֡ШԵӹ֡ͧ ǡѺ ǡѺҾ Դ ѺԴͺ ........."

My mom said exactly the same loey ka P' Ji. My mom noticed right away when I was pregnant with Aesha (I was 23 years old - I already graduated the university, got married and I was working, having a job that I love, good paycheck every month and paying my old bills already, which I am so proud of myself hee-hee). My mom said I have changed so much from a baby to a mommy. Before I was pregnant, everything was about ME ME ME. For the most part I was already mature because of my job but I was selfish - I think of me first before others. Being a mom definitely changed me. So, I agree 100 % that ǡѺ jing jing. It is the maturity which depends on a person la ka.

Love the daddy and daughter moment mak mak loey kaa ^^

PS: My Cowboy Flat is on his way to Utah la ^^
Ploy and Aesha + Jakob   
Thu 28 Apr 2011 3:02 [6]


ͧѡѧ¤ ͧѡҡͧ
繤ͺǷդآѧ зѺҡ

ູҹ жҶҾ Ѱ˹ͤ ʧйҡ¤
Wed 27 Apr 2011 13:31 [5]

ʴդ ѧӡѹ¤ ҹ䴹ѹ е͹Ҿѡ͹ͧ¤ աҷԵФ ֧СѺ ๵ Դ֧ѧ
Wed 27 Apr 2011 12:33 [4]

ա˹ ͧ һ֡ҡپ˧ ͧ ^^ йҨǹ 6 ͹ ҡ ͹ѧҢͧ ҤҾѺ ͹Ѻ价ӧҹ

ҡҷҵ͹ ͧ˭ ҧШ硹 55555555 Դ ˭ҡԧ ǹش ¤ Һӷ ⴹӵҨ ^^'

ǹͧ 鹤о չѴա 7 .. ú 4 ͹ Ҩŵҫǹ §ҹŹФ ^^

繹ͧŪش º º¨ԧ о Ҿ١ʹѹ ѡԧ ^____^ ١Ǵҧͧ ҧӹè (§ ... ١Ǻҧ괴 )
Wed 27 Apr 2011 11:46 [3]

šѧ ѹٻ鷵 Դ֧Ǥ 鷵 ʺ´չФ? ^_^
Wed 27 Apr 2011 10:25 [2]

ʴդ س ͺسѡµͺФ ͧ͸Ժ¤ԧͧԵѧͧǴǢͧҵաѡФ ١ʹ㨡Ѻͧҡ ǹ˹ФسҪͺӴѧ

ͧʹҡѺ˭ 繻Ѩ˭ӧҹҧҤǺ ѹ١ФáѺúҧ С͹Ҷͧᵡҧҡٴ ѹз͸Ժ١ҡա Ѻóշ褹ٴ繤سҹФ (Ҵ˧)....

ٻչͧ Ѻس Ѻٷ ͹ deja vu ¤ ҾӹͧҡϤسԺҡ ҧ¹觹֡͹ѹ Դҵͧ觧ҹҧȤ˧ (繤Դͧҧç ѡ´) ҡ÷ԴϤس 㨤 trade-off ֡駢 ੾ͧͧͧسҾԵ vs ͺ蹨ҡͺСԴѺҡͧͧ (سԡ෤ҡ Ҩ繡¹س֡͹ ͡äẺ˹ҡѹҧ䡻)

ѹ ͧӧҹ ෤Ф
Wed 27 Apr 2011 9:56 [1]